Friday, 17 June 2016

The most exciting thing you'll ever see

Movement arrows!

I managed to display a static image, that's gotta be progress, right? So mouse input is in place (sort of), hitboxes on the screen are getting registered correctly, keyboard input is hacked in for testing and I have this cool picture of arrows in the right corner with miss-matched color palettes and an out of place green cursor, nice! Don't worry, more is coming (in like 3-90 days). And by more I mean champion selection and inventory stuffz, oh boy won't that be fun! Well it would be, if not for the monstrously long functions. The worst about them is that they are heavy on compiler variable sharing because they were meant to produce the exact same executable as the original source code would (sound very much insane, right?) when compiled with the same compiler. And that's it for this blog post.

As a finishing side note, there shouldn't be any hiccups since I'm finished with all the exams, thus my studies won't be weighting me down and I don't have much to do right now aside from coding up this super cool game.

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