Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Reptilekind's greatest achievement so far

Indeed, their greatest achievement so far is that angry looking lizard person dude in the top-left corner. Great many lines of code had to be written (copied really) to make this scene. The keen-eyed between you might notice the obvious, that there are a couple of things missing. Slot icons are not drawn yet and all of the text (that is not part of a picture) is missing as well. Reason is, that the function which draws letters on the screen is lots of assembly and well who wants to do that. We figured that it probably just treats the font table as a 2D array, plus some word wrap etc.
So champion selection is still not done yet, duct tape code gets us here into the inventory screen right now, no way to leave it yet. Next up should be swapping the dummy code for the real stuff, the try some text display and that might actually make my second milestone complete :)
PS.: Technically speaking, I should have made this blog post yesterday, but I had not much to show for, good thing I gave meself 90 days tops:)
PS.: Color palettes will probably be fixed somewhere near the end, so we'll have to tolerate it until then.

1 comment:

  1. Don't underestimate your work: it's much more than copy-pasting random piece of code :)

    Keep on working like that, I'm sure the text code will soon be behind you! I'm impatient to see the first fight :D